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Welcome to our web site!
Building custom commercial and residential
cabinets and furniture since 1994.

Custom cabinets are all about creativity of design--making your project uniquely your own.  As you can see from my photo gallery, I have built a very diverse variety of styles and finishes.  Take a few minutes to look, and you can see that we can create something that will set your home apart form your neighbors ...something that will not only look great, but function well as a working kitchen, the nerve center of your home in today's busy life style ...or that entertainment center to house that new home theater equipment. 


Whatever your cabinet or furniture needs may be, contact me and we can create something beautiful for your home.



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Plymouth Custom Woodworking
71980 578th Avenue
Plymouth, NE 68424 

Phone: (402) 520-1495

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Plymouth Custom Woodworking
71980 578th Avenue
Plymouth, NE 68424